At HQ Hair we offer all aspects of hairdressing to the whole family, with our extensive industry knowledge and superb customer service you can be sure your whole family will be cared for during your visit to the salon.  
We offer a full range of colour treatments including the latest trends - Balayage and The Million Dollar Piece. Our young generation love coming to visit us for their Mini HQ services, some of which revel in our stickers and sweet treats, along with the friendly stylists available. 
We also offer bespoke wedding packages to suit your needs. Our experts will look after you on your special day within the salon or at your special wedding venue. 
We feel Hair Care is a fundamental part of life and having a professional home care range recommended by our experienced stylists is key to great healthy hair in between salon visits. 
Sue and her team have always been so welcoming to the whole family. My youngest daughter has always loved the whole experience, she loves nothing more than a wash, cut and blow dry and a chat with Sue and requests the full works every time! My eldest daughter just likes a dry cut and to get things done quickly and my middle daughter Megan has always been worried about having her hair cut, even a trim. 
When we were in the salon getting our hair done Sue would talk to Megan and reassure her. Finally those little chats worked as Megan agreed to a trim and has recently had a full haircut that she was actually really excited for but only if we went to HQ hair and Sue. Sue took the time to build up the trust of Megan and she could not be more pleased with the results. I couldn’t recommend HQ hair more for all of the family. They will always make you welcome and feel at ease and we have always been so happy with the results! 
invest in your hair its the crown you never take off 
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