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HQ Hair’s Winter Hair and Skin - Hints and Tips

So, the darker, Colder, winter nights are upon us, and we thought we’d share some of our winter hints and tips to keeping not only your hair healthy but also your skin. Winter wreaks havoc on our hair and skin, leaving it feeling dry, lacking in moisture, and dull, also adding into the mix, fluffy hat hair, static and uncontrollable locks, it seems as if it will never end.

HQ Hair’s Winter Hair and Skin - Hints and Tips

The basics of your haircare routine can remain the same during the cold months, but by following our simple easy steps to great hair and skin below, we will have you feeling like a winter goddess, especially, in the lead up to Christmas, with all the parties were allowed to go to this year. I for one am looking forward to it.

“To Hat or Not To Hat?” “That is the question”

Firstly, let’s talk HATS! Now, personally I’m not a hat wearer, due to the fact I end up looking like one of Britain’s most wanted in some and I’m just not comfortable with one on. I do however know many people who can’t wait for the winter months to rock a stylish headpiece.

One of the quotes I’m often hearing from our clients during winter is, my hairs really static and flat or it’s so dry what can I do?

Hair Hair - HQ Hair’s Winter Hair and Skin - Hints and Tips

Not wearing a hat and leaving your hair exposed to the elements v’s wearing a hat that will cause static, flyway hair once you take it off is a dilemma, one which I’m sure we all face each year, and just as the summer months can damage our hair so can the winter ones. To combat these issues why not try using a volumizing spray before drying your hair, it will give you a little extra lift and static can be calmed and tamed with a small amount of oil, just rub into palms and smooth onto the flyway’s.

Our go to for this are @Milkshake volumising styling spray and @Milkshake glistening argan oil. These will also add that much needed shine we lack during the winter. Also try choosing natural materials or soft synthetic fabrics and remember that rubbing cloth on your hair is sure to result in a static charge, you could try rubbing a dryer sheet on your brush or comb before running it through your hair. Or even just run it over your hair before heading out – surprisingly effective!

Why not try wearing a hood or donning a trendy scarf to add a twist to your look. Apart from the obvious implications of the lack of volume, static fly way hair when you remove it, doing this will protect your hair much more than letting the elements attack it, especially in rain and snow. But If you do decide to not wear a hat just make sure you take those extra steps to protect your luscious locks.

Yes, you can let your hair get dirty!

Milkshake products

Washing your hair too much can strip it of much needed healthy oils and nutrients. This can leave hair drier than before. meaning more frizz, static, flyway’s, and breakage! By washing your hair less often in Winter, (aim for three to four times a week), you are giving your hair a much-needed break.

If you need to, use dry shampoo in between washes to absorb any surface oil, making sure to purchase a lightweight spray as not overload it with product, but again make sure you thoroughly wash the dry shampoo out as this will cause dry itchy flaky scalp, #HQHairTip if you apply a small amount of shampoo to the area of the dry shampoo before wetting the hair, it will break down the product quicker which means you don’t have to scrub as much, thus causing less damage to your hair in the long run.

Turn down the heat!

In Winter and leading up to Christmas you may be tempted to overuse your hot tools/dryers and although we are all guilty of it, we just need to remember that all heat has an effect on our hair and skin, we just need to take a little extra care when its cold. Not only to protect your hair but you risk burning your scalp with the added heat.

Frizzy Hair

One thing we find is a lot of clients tend to be straightening their hair when it’s not completely dry, this is a massive no, no. Doing this and not taking the precautions needed will result in split ends, lack of moisture and resulting in sever breakage. Applying hot heat to damp hair will essentially boil the hair causing it to bubble under the irons/tongs (this is the BBQ sizzling noise you would hear) resulting in it potentially coming off with your tool.

To avoid this all you need to do is, if using a dryer, is make sure you blast the hair off until it is completely dry and feels warm to the touch, then using a good heat retaining brush work in sections to smooth the hair out, do this slowly until you feel the hair getting hotter(try not to put the dryer directly on the hair if you’re not experienced at Blow Drying), the hotter the hair the dryer it is, then when you work over your hot tool you will get a smoother result quicker and stops you having to constantly go over the section more than needed.

Make sure you don’t pull the straighteners down the hair but gently let them glide through and try to use a comb at the same time to remove any knots that may form while gliding the straighteners through. Also not forgetting we still need heat protection, and even more so during winter as we tend to use out hot tools that bit more. Why not try @milkshake thermo-protector- apply to wet hair and dry in for full protection from heat.

Keep it moisturised

Milkshake Argan Oil

Milkshake thermo-protector

We mustn’t take for granted the hidden cost of the elements not just attacking your hair, but your scalp can dry out too during the cold months, using a good quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like @milkshake moisture plus range, will also help combat fizziness. And taking the time to use a deep conditioning treatment, will greatly help your hair.

Massaging conditioner/oils into the scalp is also important, this will aid with reducing irritation, itching, and scaling that makes you look like you have dandruff. We always seem to forget that our scalp is the same skin as the rest of our body and still needs to be moisturised.

Remembering that our faces are most at risk of the elements. Combating this can come in a number of forms, one of my faves especially in winter is to treat yourself to a facial. There is nothing better then laying on a lovely, warmed bed having my face massaged and feeling all pampered. Facials have plenty of benefits, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want a pamper session for Christmas.

They deep-cleanse the skin to combat blemishes and help to restore elasticity. Its recommended you get a facial every 5-6 weeks, alongside your usual skin care routine. But in winter, when your skin is especially vulnerable to dryness, dullness and chapping, moisturising facials are especially effective. And gentle exfoliation will remove any dead skin cells (which clog pores) and stimulate your skin’s natural renewal process.

Stay Hydrated

One of the cheapest and most convenient beauty tricks you can use is to turn on your tap! Drinking plenty of water is always important, but it should be your go-to come winter and more so at Christmas. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it’s crucial that you’re properly hydrating your body (and skin) if you’re drinking more than usual.

HQ Hair’s Winter Hair and Skin - Hints and Tips

Dehydrated skin can look dry and flaky, with more visible fine lines and wrinkles. Water also rids the body of toxins, which is especially useful if you’ve been drinking lots of alcohol and eating more processed foods than usual salty party food leads to dehydration, which can make the skin look dull. High levels of salt will cause water retention too, which makes faces look puffy and swollen.

All in moderation

Christmas is a time for celebration and over-indulging with alcoholic drinks, late nights, chocolates, and sugary snacks, these may all be part and parcel of the festive season, but they’re sure not sweet for our skin. These foods lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar and the production of excess insulin.

This causes inflammation in the body, which breaks down collagen and elastin to cause sagging and wrinkles. It also stimulates sebum production and exacerbates hormone imbalances, which can cause spots and redness.

Maintaining a balanced diet throughout the winter season and also allowing yourself to overindulge is all about keeping it in moderation. If you’ve had lots of sugary snacks, make sure you take on the healthier options for the rest of the day to try balance it out, having only high sugar, chocolates, and fizzy drinks all day every day is not going to do you any favours. I believe everything in moderation lets you enjoy life to the fullest and stops that guilty feeling if we’ve had one or two more treats than you usually would.

Your skin and hair will have to endure a lot of stress during the cold season; Therefore, you should focus on preventing the damage. prepare your hair and skincare routine as early as possible, as you would with changing your summer wardrobe to your winter, to make sure your locks remain strong and shiny, and you glow throughout no matter the weather.

And remember to have fun and enjoy the festivities, wishing you a Merry Christmas love the team at HQ


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