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Show off Your Hair This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to show off your hair, why you ask? Because you can wear it in a million different ways and always look good!

Having said that, because my hair Is wavy, frizzy and thick, it makes it a struggle in the heat. Leaving me with a love hate relationship towards it, as when I spend time on it, it looks gorgeous. But in all honesty, most of the time, I don't have the patience when its hot out, so my hair just ends up on top of my head. The summer heat is especially unkind to us with longer, frizzy curly hair, so this year I'm sharing some simple summer styles that help me keep cool while looking good. Here are some tips and styles that are perfect for hot summer days:

Milkshake Incredible oil

Oil it –

You can find oils at your hair salon or health food stores that sell organic products. The best ones are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil because they contain lots of healthy fats that will moisturize your hair from the inside out as well as provide nutrition for existing nutrients like keratin proteins (which give our locks elasticity). one of our go to is milk_shake Incredible Oil. it's a film-forming leave-in treatment that protects hair from the heat from blow-drying, straightening and other stress factors that weaken the hair. It provides nourishment, detangles and helps seal the cuticle to counteract and prevent split ends, leaving hair incredibly shiny, manageable and light.

You can use oil treatments to help keep your hair strong and healthy. This is a great way to keep your hair from drying out in the summer heat, or when you have colour-treated locks. Since most people don’t want to go for months without washing their hair, an oil treatment helps keep it hydrated even if you don’t have time for a proper wash.

Style It -

Go for a shorter cut if you've got long hair—it'll be easier to manage when it gets hot outside and won't smash into that cute tank top as much as one that goes past the shoulders would do! Plus, everyone knows short hair is far more flattering than its longer counterparts because it complements all face shapes so well while still making an impact with its bold style choices like shaved sides or an asymmetrical line through centre (which makes eyes pop).

Braided hair for the summer

Try braids or braided updo's instead of ponytails and top knots; this will freshen up tired old styles while giving you a more glam feel to your hair, perfect for a day at the beach then strolling into the local bar. using a light oil will also keep those pesky flyways at bay without having to worry about using hairspray every single day which tends to dry the hair out and cause headaches.

Let it dry naturally, using one or a few of the products listed below on freshly shampooed wet hair will give your wavy/curly hair the moisture is so needs to create natural glossy curls, leaving hair to dry naturally is the best way to deal with curly hair, making sure to use enough product to cover the hair well, don't be afraid to pile it on as curls under the sun will dry very quickly. you can’t use too much product on curls just don't overload it at the root and your good to go.

Go Grecian is another of my fave ways to wear my hair is, once curled naturally or tonged, is to pin up small sections with mini butterfly clips or hair pins to create a soft loose styled updo, always a great one for quick easy hair that requires very little effort to achieve.

Milkshake Hir Care Products

Blow It -

Use a heat protectant. A great tool for detangling and smoothing hair, it will ensure you get maximum shine as well. Try milk_shake Thermo Protector spray for a lightweight protection that lasts.

Use a paddle brush or round brush to lift sections of hair off your scalp and smooth out any kinks along the way. This helps create volume in the roots while drying, but don't forget to run through them with fingers when they're nearly dry to break up any stiffness created by brushing during styling.

Next up is diffusing! This technique involves using less air pressure than when blowing out straight with a regular blow dryer—this allows you add texture without drying out curls too much (which we can all agree would be tragic). If you want bouncier waves without going completely beachy, try diffusing some milk_shake Shaping Foam or Curl Perfection Cream defines and tames curls, banishing frizz and intensifying the natural texture of the hair into damp curls before styling them into shape.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and feel more confident in your hair care abilities. There is nothing better than feeling great about your hair, so be sure to use these tips as often as you need to get that gorgeous look during the summer!

Love the team at HQ Hair x


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