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Specialist Hair Advice at HQ Hair

Specialist Advice

Turning concerns into confidence!

We like to focus on hair and scalp health. Helping you understand how your hair and scalp works, and being able to recognise any contraindications that can impact your natural hair growth, scalp condition and everyday life. 

Hair & Scalp Wellness

Hair and Scalp Analysis at HQ Hair

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of the hair, assessing its integrity to ascertain the most suitable shampoo, conditioner, and treatments required. This evaluation enables us to determine the need for either moisture or protein enrichment in the hair.

Hair & Scalp Analysis

Glowwa Vitamins

As a proud stockist of HAIR FOOD™️, the acclaimed vegan-friendly hair supplement, we are thrilled to offer our clients a product celebrated for its effective, results-driven formula. This supplement is expertly formulated with a blend of essential nutrients including Biotin, B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, L-Lysine, MSM, Niacin, B5, B6, Vitamin C, and Coconut Water, all known for their positive impact on hair health.

Dermabrasion Scalp Exfoliation at HQ Hair

Dermabrasion Scalp Exfoliation

Our Dermabrasion Anti-Aging Treatment, often likened to a facial for the scalp, utilises advanced scalp infusion technology to expedite scalp surface regeneration. 

Dandruff treatment

Our salon offers a delicate mechanical exfoliation treatment tailored for both men and women. This service effectively eliminates scalp flakes and debris, including dandruff and dead skin cells. Utilising the exclusive NIODerma Technology, this exfoliator is specifically designed to normalise a flaky scalp.

Nixon Kits at HQ Hair

Nioxin's System Kits are specially formulated hair thinning treatments, tailored to suit different hair needs. Cleanse, condition and treat the scalp and the hair for thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Nioxin kits

Hair Loss

We offer a comprehensive array of hair replacement options. These include high-end Hair Toppers, Master Partings, and bespoke hairpieces for both men and women, among other selections.

Extensons at HQ Hair


Give your natural hair a luxurious boost with hair extensions with high-quality 100% cuticle-correct human hair. We use a wide range of methods, including Ultra Tips, Naked Weave Ghost Weft , Micro / Nano Rings and more. 

HQ Hair Lounge

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