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Post Covid and Hair Loss Help!

Now we have seen restrictions lifted and people returning to their usual routines, hair care is on the increase and with most salons back to running at full capacity, the effects covid has had on our hair is starting to show.

Hair loss in brush

Having seen lots of clients new and existing since reopening our doors, we have noticed an increase in claims they are losing more hair than usual and, due to the nature of the last 18 months events, it’s no wonder our hair has suffered. The stress, mental anguish, and trauma of what has happened in the world has been a major contributing factor in aiding this issue.

There are many other factors of hair loss like genetics, medical reasons, hormones, but the one standing out at the moment is Long Covid, we have seen many reports across the globe that hair loss is one of the main side effects of long covid, with one study stating 22% of people reported hair loss after 6 months of having the first Covid19 symptom. Although this is a relatively high percentage, all is not lost as further studies show this seems to be a temporary issue, with hair eventually returning to a normal growth cycle after some time.

With the knowledge of this and seeing the effects first hand in our salon we want to reassure you a normal growth pattern will return and we want to share a few easy hints and tips on how to help your hair on its journey back to recovery.

Firstly, increase your intake of good healthy foods, a good diet will give you all the essential vitamins and nutrients we need and is the key to strong, healthy, shiny hair. If its good for the inside it will show on the outside. Also increasing your vitamin intake will boost your immune system, look out for hair supporting vitamins like Biotin (B7)

#HQFACT - among other things Biotin helps keep skin, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy and will help pregnant mums have healthier babies.

(Please always seek medical advice before taking any vitamins).

We have also found using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type will greatly assist in keeping your hair on track. Ask your stylist for advice on what they recommend using on your hair, after all they know your hair the best. If you have fine hair using a shampoo with too much moisturizer or oils will overload the hair and leave it feeling limp and lifeless. On the flip side, if you have course/dry hair- using a product for fine/normal hair will have a damaging effect as this lacks the essential oils and moisture needed, this will dry out and weaken the hair and in turn leaving it in an uncontrollable state. Trust your Stylist, we have a wealth of knowledge and training and are well equipped to prescribe the correct product for your hair type, this is something that is ingrained in our training and is what we do daily, there is a reason why we stick to professional products.

When we talk about Hair Loss in salon, we look at all factors including medication, stress, hormones just to name a few, once we have established what could be the cause we can then set you on the right path, (you will need to seek medical advice to obtain an exact diagnosis, after all we are not Doctors). Our first port of call and go to system for this would be NIOXIN.

Nixon hair products for hair loss

Nioxin’s products are designed to give you a healthy scalp, because it gives your hair the best possible foundation from which to grow. Just like the health and look of your skin is greatly dependent upon using the right products and cleansers, the look of your hair is going to significantly improve if you're properly caring for your scalp.

Nioxin is the N°1 Salon Brand for Thicker, Fuller Hair and will reduce hair loss and increase general hair and scalp health within 30 days, some products have an instant effect like anti hair loss serum with 81% of users having less hair loss after 8 weeks application. Check out the link for all NIOXIN products available in salon NIOXIN | Effective Thinning Hair & Scalp Solutions Although there are many ranges out there claiming to have similar results, the quality of the product, evidence of success stories and having used it personally and seen the results there is nothing else we would use in salon.

Other ways you can improve your scalp and aid in reducing hair loss are, making sure you are gently massaging conditioner into the scalp for a minute or 2, this will increase the blood flow to the scalp in turn increasing hair growth (again using the correct products will stop your hair from going limp or greasy), we always moisturise our face and body but forget out scalps, it is still skin after all and needs to be cared for.

Brush and Milkshake whipped cream mousse

When it comes to brushing your hair, you get up, get ready, grab the brush and start by banging at the top of the head and pulling straight down as if you must defeat the tangles, you continue the process until all the knots are out and win the battle, you look in the brush at all the hair that’s there and instantly think “am I losing my hair” Well I can safely say YOU ARE! and without even making the connection that it is you that is causing it. Continuing to do this regime is the worst thing you could do to your hair, all this achieves is creating one giant knot at the bottom, over stretching the hair to the point of snapping, snagging, and pulling the hair that much it pulls it out from the root (ever see a single hair with a white bulb on the end? That’s not meant to leave the scalp) and causing irreversible damage where all we can do as hairdressers is cut it off.

This is an issue we get all the time in salon and making this one simple change can dramatically improve hair and scalp condition, all you need is a good tangle teasing brush, maybe a leave in conditioner (we are loving our new Milkshake, Whipped Cream at the moment) and a little patience.

Start by applying a small amount of leave in conditioner if needed, and brush from bottom to top, taking sections and brush with small gentle stokes working from the ends upwards until all the knots are loose will make a massive difference, also if you have kids with long hair do the same for them, they will thank you for it and have no more tears at brush time.

Pat hair with towels instead of rubbing and drying hair with a good brush and dryer taking care not to pull the hair too much will also reduce hair from being pulled out from the follicle, trying where possible to avoid over straining the hair when straightening and snagging at the ends to prevent hair pulling out too.


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